Disaster Preparedness for Seniors and Caregivers

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Natural disasters are not fun at any age, but they can be especially traumatic for elderly adults Older adults may be frail or less mobile, which can cause additional challenges during an emergency event where quick response times are key. The key to taking care of yourself or your loved ones is preparedness! Take a look at the Disaster Preparedness Guide for Seniors. "This guide will cover the common types of emergencies that family and caregivers of seniors should be aware of, tips for helping the elderly evacuate when needed, and a handy checklist of items to have and bring with you in the event of an emergency".

In addition to this guide, if you, or someone you know, may need evacuation assistance during a hurricane evacuation, the Hurricane Registry for those with Functional, Access, or Medical Needs may be an option for you! 

Functional and access needs registrants/clients are defined as those who may need services to maintain their independence in a shelter. This includes, but is not limited to, children and adults with physical, sensory, mental, and cognitive and/or intellectual disabilities affecting their ability to function independently. Others may include women in late stages of pregnancy, elderly, and people needed bariatric equipment. Medical needs registrants/clients require support of trained medical professionals. This may include managing intravenous therapy, tube feeding, receiving dialysis and oxygen, and operating power dependent equipment to sustain life. The registry is made up of residents who may require transport and medical assistance during a hurricane evacuation and have no other resources to help them if they need to evacuate. It is important to register early so officials will know where our vulnerable residents are located.