Surviving a small or large scale disaster depends on how prepared you are. You and your family’s safety is largely dependent on how you prepare for emergency situations.
Building your own kit allows you to be familar with the contents of it and how to properly use them. Putting together your own kit means you can custom tailor it to what’s important to you, your family, and your community.

There are two types of kits to have ready. The supplies are similar, but the amount of the supplies is critical. Because of COVID-19, some items may be harder to get and availability will worsen during a disaster. So, start gathering your supplies NOW!

  • Stay-at-home kit (2 weeks of emergency supplies): This kit includes everything you need to stay at home for at least two weeks with items such as food, water, household cleaning and disinfectant supplies, soap, and personal hygiene items.
  • Evacuation Kit (3-5 days in a “go-bag”): This kit should be lightweight and can be kept in a bucket (shown above). Include everything you would need for 3-5 days and supplies to keep you healthy such as cloth face coverings, hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol) and disinfectant wipes.

A kit should be tailored to the needs of your family and any likely events likely to occur in your area. Each item should be listed in detail in a printed contents document. On the back, list important numbers such as your cell/home phone, family and close neighbors’ contact information, insurance information, etc.

Here is a great starting list for your 2020 Hurricane Season Kit: