Are you a member of a Chatham County House of Worship or Faith-Based Organization? If so, you are invited to join the Chatham County Disaster Faith Network!

CEMA created the Disaster Faith Network (DFN) within Chatham County to serve as a coalition of Faith-Based organizations. The Chatham County DFN helps meet the immediate and long-term needs of our community when we have been affected by a disaster. The vital connections between Faith-Based organizations and CEMA helps foster a whole community relationship and enhances communication and coordination, emergency preparedness, and response and recovery operations. It is our hope that through this coalition, the Chatham County Disaster Faith Network will strive to make Chatham County a more disaster resilient community.  

To join to DFN, please email Chelsea Sawyer- 


Upcoming Workshops:


January 23, 2024


ConneXion Church – 5411 Skidaway Rd. Savannah, Ga. 31406

Workshop: You Are the Help, Until Help Arrives

  • Life-threatening emergencies can happen fast, and emergency responders aren’t always nearby. You may be able to save a life by taking simple actions immediately. Learn how YOU can be the Help, Until Help Arrives! This 3-hour course will give you practical skills to help those around you when an emergency strikes.
  • Course agenda includes:
    • How and when to call 911
    • How to keep yourself safe
    • Stop the Bleed
    • How to position injured individuals
    • How to provide comfort to injured individuals

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