Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) utilizes WebEOC to share real-time information before, during and after an event or emergency.  WebEOC is used in the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to coordinate assets and resources.
WebEOC is a web-based information management system that provides a single access point for the collection and dissemination of emergency or event-related information. WebEOC provides real-time information as provided by the users and can be used during the planning, mitigation, response and recovery phases of any emergency. The system allows for sharing of information in a variety of ways including document sharing, photo uploading, and displays for map and other GIS information. The system is customizable and flexible based on the users' needs. Chatham County is constantly working to improve the system based on the needs of all users.

Being able to share real time information with other agencies in the county can allow for more rapid support to incident commanders in the field and deployment of resources to help accomplish the mission.  It also provides the ability to update key decision makers with the most up to date information so that they can make timely and informed decisions.  Because WebEOC is a web-based software, it allows users to log on from any computer connected to the Internet and does not require a user to be physically present in the EOC.

WebEOC is a user friendly and easy to learn software; however, it does require practice and becoming familiar with the login process and navigating the control panel.  CEMA offers continuous training and requires monthly login of users. 

Video Modules - Step-by-step instructions on navigating WebEOC